About us

About us

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the story behind el Pescador

The owner of the restaurant, back in the 1970s was a famous fisherman in this area. He owned his own boat and equipment and, in addition to sailing the Adriatic Sea, was one of the most successful fishermen in these areas. He always loved what he did, whether it was fishing or running a restaurant, and he strived to do every job in the best possible way. So he copied his love for the sea and fishing and weaved it into the restaurant El Pescador, which serves top-quality fish and carefully prepared Dalmatian dishes.

With a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and always smiling staff, you will create special memories that you will surely remember.
Our biggest motivation is the guests who come back to us from year to year and enjoy our specialities.

Lobster tail

with homemade pasta

Chicken rolls

with porsciutto, mushrooms & chesse

Tuna steak

in black and white sesame

Beefsteak with mushroom ragu

zucchini and carrot tempura sticks

A little bit more

about our menu

The restaurant is a great choice for all occasions – whether romantic and business dinners or friends and family gatherings. Everyone can find something for themselves in the carefully designed menu, choosing between the most famous Hvar and Croatian specialities and dishes signed by our master chef. If you are a fan of top-quality fish, quality meat, local ingredients and homemade pasta, El Pescador is the right choice for you. In addition to deliciously prepared specialities, you can find a selection of the best Croatian wines in our offer.